Gala – Let the Boy Cry

Jag minns att jag älskade Galas låtar på 90-talet och jag minns speciellt hur jag reagerade på den här videon :):):)

”‘Let a Boy Cry’ is a song about inversion of roles. Shooting this video was an amazing experience: we lived for 2 days in this huge empty house with many different rooms where we recreated the different scenes of the video; I chose each kid that participated and appeared in the video; I wanted to recreate an imaginary and ideal world where boys and girls are free to do whatever they like careless of sex roles and gender cliches.
Girls bring flowers to boys, boys cry watching a violent movie girls play basketball while boys take ballet classes;
the video was directed by a friend photographer and I.”

Läs även intervjun på Galas blogg



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